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BevCheck is a beverage management company that is focused on identifying and eradicating beverage loss in large restaurant chains and stadiums. We designed a solution for BevChek that allowed them to collect beverage flow, aggregate beverage flow at the restaurant site, and transmit that data to a central web-based data repository. We also architected the system to easily utilize the same code base for various devices, including touch screen computers behind the bar as well as handheld PDAs. We built and managed the team (6 developers) in the implementation of version 1.0 of the BevChek sysem.


Java, J2EE, JSP, Java Server FacesApache, Tomcat, mySQL, iReports, Debian Linux, SubversionAxure, Enterprise Architect (Sparx), UML, Business Process Modeling, MS Project


Well, first beer. The second thing is actually much more intriguing. There was a time in our heavily Microsoft-laden past that we all wanted to be a Java developers… of all things! So when this project came along and the business requirement was clearly open source, we jumped all over it. Although the dev team we built for this project were solid Java devs, it was exciting for us Microsoft folks to get into some new tech, doing quite a bit of configuration and deployment work, setting up Linux boxes, modifying Java/JSP, deploying packages, and testing. It was great to prove to ourselves (and others) that we could quickly jump into another technology platform and be productive.