GE Healthcare

Architected and built high scale RFID technology solutions

Client: GE Healthcare


We designed, architected, and developed a web-based touchscreen application for GE Healthcare. The application is a rich-internet application that utilizes AJAX for asynchronous map movements. The primary function is to display the location of specific assets on the floor map of the hospital. Users can touch the screen of the application and move the map to locate specific assets; they can also zoom in and out on the floor map to get a closer view of the asset location. A services-oriented architecture was utilized to increase application deployment flexibility.

Technologies and Tools

Microsoft .NET, C#, ASP.NET, AJAX, Web ServicesSQL Server 2005, RFID, TouchscreenAxure Prototyping, Enterprise Architect (Sparx), UML, BPM, MS ProjectMicrosoft .NET Compact Framework, C++, Pocket PC, RFID


We worked on this project back when touchscreens and handheld devices simply weren’t as prolific as they are now. The “i” handheld device of choice did not end in a “Pad” it ended in a “Paq”. RFID was a pretty wild and new technology at the time. No one had yet thought of the phrase “internet of things”, but that was exactly what we were working on. There were actually two different projects –the touchscreen was deployed in a hospital building and the handheld was deployed to mobile hospitals. At a time when it wasn’t the usual thing to have a handheld device, we were definitely the “cool kids” working with them.